I started collecting in November 2002, not realizing what an addictive and expensive hobby this is.
My collecting is generally character based and I have a real liking for the comedy relief characters, as in life I tend to like people that can make me laugh.

This week I 'ave been mostly buying hunter X hunter cels.

As a lot of people have been recently inquiring I must now state that none of my cels are available for sale or trade. sorry.

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Title Last Updated
Dragonball Z 2/2/2005
Dragonball Z - Buu 1/30/2005
Dragonball Z - Freezer 1/17/2004
Dragonball Z - Gohan 9/12/2005
Dragonball Z - Goku 9/12/2005
Dragonball Z - Mr Satan 7/25/2005
Dragonball Z - Vegeta 1/11/2006
Hunter X Hunter 11/24/2005
Hunter X Hunter - Gon 1/10/2006
Hunter X Hunter - Hisoka 1/10/2006
Hunter X Hunter - Kurapica 11/5/2005
Hunter X Hunter - Leorio 4/6/2005
Tenchi OVA 1/17/2004
Tenchi TV 10/3/2003
Words Worth - Astral 1/10/2006
Words Worth - Delta 11/5/2005
Words Worth - Nina 1/15/2006
Yu Yu Hakusho 7/8/2004
Yu Yu Hakusho - Kuwabara 1/10/2006
-Comic Art- 11/27/2004
Duckula 9/11/2005
Simpsons 2/22/2004

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